Australian Women Writers Challenge 2019

I just signed up for the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2019, committing to reading and reviewing a minimum of six books this year by fellow Aussie women.

Please join in! It’s free, and takes just a minute online.

You can set your reading goal at as few as four books or as many as you wish.

Author Elizabeth Lhuede decided to take action in 2012 when recent survey data at the time showed that male authors more likely to have their books reviewed in influential newspapers, magazines and literary journals than female authors, and the issue applied to the USA, Europe and Australia.

From the AWW website: Throughout 2013 over 1,800 reviews were written about books written by Australian women writers. Over two hundred reviewers wrote at least one review for the Challenge in 2013, including seventeen men. Over seven hundred authors had their work reviewed by Challenge participants. The AWW challenge continued in 2014 and, by year’s end, nearly 1600 reviews had been linked to the challenge. In 2015 we were nominated for The Convenors’ Award for Excellence in the Aurealis Awards. In July we moved to this self-hosted site and now have a searchable database, partly funded by sponsorship money from Bookworld. The challenge has continued in 2016 and 2017, consolidating AWW’s place in Australia’s online literary landscape.

My wish list to kick off:

The Blue Cat
The Trauma Cleaner
Cosmo Cosmolino

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