Book review: Lady Hardcastle Mysteries #1, T E Kinsey

Not since Indiana and Poirot have I got so much enjoyment from historical mystery set in this time period. I have discovered Lady Hardcastle and Armstrong a little late, after their 2016 release but I am as excited at the new reader’s adventure as if the series were released yesterday.

These are exceptionally well developed characters with strong voice, wit and personality plus clever hints at a detailed backstory that convincingly makes them who they are, as well as promising many more adventures to be revealed in their past and future. The range of secondary characters were as clearly defined, entertaining bunch as in any Agatha Christie, and the mystery plot detailed and convincing enough for a great fun read.

If any of my own readers get as much enjoyment from strong female protagonists in close friendships as I have from this book, I would be a very satisfied author. I’m going online now to buy more in the series and sign up for alerts from Kinsey!

There are 5 books so far in the Lady Hardcastle Mysteries series. Check out Kinsey here on Goodreads.

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