About the author

Victoria Collins, Author

Victoria Collins lives and works in Canberra, Australia. After completing a Bachelor of Communication (Professional Writing) she has held a long career in corporate communications and journalistic writing. She is a qualified trainer and assessor, and has taught diploma students in creative writing, professional writing and public relations for more than six years.

“I’m drawn to stories that help us connect with our natural world, exploring the idea that the sacred exists in Nature, and the possibilities for restoration of the balance between the sacred feminine and masculine. Humans are Nature too, so the sacred exists in all of us.

I love to explore places in time, among ancient civilisations and indigenous tribes, when people honoured the sacred in the natural world, and in gratitude for every day acts like preparing food and collecting water. How much less might we waste or destroy if we felt that? What have we lost to time? What can we learn?

I write also to explore why we humans do and think the crazy, misguided, beautiful-silly, unnaturally ugly things we do.

Finally it’s just fun to curl up cosy, or stretch out flat in the heat, and escape into a story world – then close the cover and realise that the fantasy world is actually a lot like your own.”