It is in October that the tale of the three priestesses in Fire and Sacrifice begins, so this October 2133 years later my monthly post goes back to the beginning.

It is 114BC Rome: 114 years before the birth of Jesus Christ, before Caesar, before Antony and Cleopatra, the emperors, the Colosseum, and before Pompeii was buried in volcanic ash.

It is mid Autumn. As the days shorten and the evenings cool, the priestesses’ sacred fire takes on greater import as Romans and their slaves and servants are drawn to her warmth.

Before there was a temple in this little corner of the bustling and famous Roman Forum, there was a campfire. From even before the time Romulus and his men made camp and built a fire for warmth and to cook the spoils of a hunt, this fire was survival.

In the coming Winter where the nights can drop to zero degrees, it would keep them alive.

Very quickly they came to cherish it.

Very quickly it became vital to be able to keep it aflame, and to use it to revive the fires of the new camps and clans growing around them should they be in need.

The new Romans protected their fire from wind and rain, with walls and a roof. Archaeological excavations have found the remains of wooden postholes at the Temple of Vesta that date back to 600 or 700BC.

They protected it later with stone. They named the fire a goddess, Vesta, and the shelter her temple. They raised an alter, and used the fire to cleanse their sacrifices to other gods, too.

The fire came to represent the beating heart of Rome itself. And, just as the campfire signals to the soldier, explorer, hunter, nomad that home has survived and waits safely, so the hearth in the Temple of Vesta in the centre of Rome symbolised no less that the very survival of the Roman empire.

And they would kill their most beloved, to protect that.

Here, in October 2133 years later, begins the story of the princess-priestess Aemilia and her servant Secunda.

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Be irrestible, detox your life, re-ignite your drive to achieve goals, and exude feminine mystery every day by connecting with the goddess of the hearth fire, Vesta.

Who isn’t drawn to the campfire at any party, right? Who doesn’t want to stare for hours into its depths, and bask in its fabulousness? The fire is centred, reliable, strong… And you could be that too!

Connecting with Vesta can help you find balance between your fierce feminine and nurturing earth mother, and direct that combined energy toward building your prosperity. Walk with Vesta when you need to bring yourself back to centre; focus your passions on a project or business; nurture yourself or your tribe; detox your life; or build the stability that will be your foundation for success.

The ancient Roman goddess Vesta is goddess of the hearth fire specifically. As the traditional centre of the camp or home, Vesta’s energy is ever present in our lives. Her temple in the Roman Forum, the ruins of which are present today, housed a perpetual fire that burned almost constantly for up to 1000 years and which was considered to represent the hearth of the empire and therefore its prosperity and security. Sitting modestly in the city centre while the Roman armies conquered the known world, her temple honoured the knowledge that a strong foundation and heart remained crucial to worldly success.

Vesta today can therefore be found where ever you define your own security and prosperity: the home, the workplace, your own business, your family or tribe.

She can bring you back to centre where you can reconnect with the heart of your passion or goal. She can be a great ally when you need good old ‘bum glue’ to sit still and embrace a routine while you work on the foundations of your project or business.

With Vesta you can find your domestic goddess without compromising the fire in your belly. She recalls the sacred in the everyday; in warming the home, creating light, cooking meals. The hearth may bring a stable centre to your life or home but remember fire is forever dancing, moving, living. This is not a stagnant or bored energy. She is potential personified and directed.

Vesta brings fierce and sexy back into building a home or business. She is woman in all her untouchable changeability. Her warmth and passion burn deep and constant. She’s the warm soft place to land after a hard day; the light to guide you or your loved ones home. People are drawn to her, captivated by her quiet power and mystery, and her endless capacity for quiet energy, love and nurturing.

Vesta is elemental, primal. There is no likeness of her in human form like you see of other gods and goddesses in the Roman and Greek pantheons, and some ancient writers tell us there was never one. She is just the fire. There is purity and simplicity about her. Consider that fire was the receiver of sacrifices in ancient times, purifying the offering by burning away any decay or contamination.

Vesta’s flames have no regard for the unnecessary, shallow busy-ness that often complicates our modern daily lives. She is interested only in substance and the divine work of your true home and path. Working with her can be a great way to refocus and seer away the time wasters from your daily life.

She’s a useful ally when you need to detox your life, your home or your mind and heart.

Seven simple things you can do to connect with Vesta


Get a small brazier and build a modest fire in your yard or balcony, if you can’t create a fire pit in the ground. Sit by it with a loved one and watch the flames dance. Nurture yourselves while you do, with a warming drink, marshmallows to roast, or some earthy foods like nuts and berries. Better still if you can cook in the coals.


Clean out and detox your home and/or office. Get rid of clutter and things that distract you. Empty that email inbox. Give away clothes you aren’t wearing anymore. (Don’t forget giving things a good wash in this process. Water is the balance to fire, a partner elemental essential for the new growth that comes after her purification work.)


Clean out your ‘to do’ lists and delete things that are not necessary or not true to your goals. Vesta is interested only in substance and the divine work of your true home and path.


Throw a dinner party and cook for loved ones in your home. Nurture them with the work of your hands, and the food of your kitchen. Find and enjoy the sacred in it.


Light a candle, get out some paper, and spend time reflecting on your goals, be they personal or business, and establish plans to keep you focussed on them. What will nurture you through your work? What do you need to be able to sustain the work for as long as necessary? Where would some routine help?


Look up at the sun during the day and reflect a moment on her constant burning energy and the warmth it sends you. Try to do this a couple of times a day for at least a week.


Wear ‘warm’ coloured clothes or accessories to help you stay reminded of the fire in your belly. Try burnt oranges and yellows, warm whites, or a fiery red if you need a boost to get started.

VC 1 web sizeWomen who walk with the fire goddess are going to connect at times with her wild, passionate side, and my research has found at least 20 Vestals hauled before the courts for misbehaviour, most commonly taking lovers: a crime punishable by death.

The priestesses of Vesta, or the Vestal Virgins, took a vow of chastity enforced for 30 years of mandatory service from her age of entry at 6-10 years old, through adolescence and the height of her sexuality to the age of 36-40 when she had the first choice to leave. Get the full article here.

Take the personality quiz to see what kind of priestess you might have been…

VC2v2 web

The Vestal Virgins were women of fire in every sense.

Not only was a Vestal a priestess of the goddess of the hearth fire, Vesta, she was protectress of Rome, political powerhouse, A-list woman of the city, untouchable, more independent than any other Roman woman, and had the strength of character to withstand a lifetime of strict chastity with the constant threat of punishment by death.

Read more about the lives and roles of these amazing women, and why I’m so fascinated by their stories… 

Priestess of the torch flame

Take the fun personality quiz to see which priestess of fire you are, and get insights on your personal powers and inspirations for success in your world.

We’re all priestesses, but are you more like wildfire (Marcia), a volcano (Licinia), or something else…

Brought to you by Fire and Sacrifice, based on a true story, where the priestesses of fire were real.

You would prefer to drink

At a party you are usually

At work or in business you are

In argument you most likely

You most enjoy

Which sounds most like you

Which priestess of fire are you?
Priestess of the hearth fire

You have totally got this! The ultimate domestic goddess, you're as alluring and sensual as you are wise and reliable. You are often the centre of the home, friends group or workplace as people are drawn instinctively towards you just like a fireplace or patch of sunshine. There's a deep, quiet, untouchable passion within you, so when you're at your best and brightest others just can't take their eyes off you. You get that prosperity and success need a solid foundation and constant work, and you know how to nurture yourself and your team to make that happen. You're the mum who keeps the dinner warm until the family comes home, then rocks your partner's world behind closed doors. ... (Brought to you by Fire and Sacrifice, a new novel based on the real life priestesses of the fire goddess, Vesta in ancient Rome. The priestess Aemilia and Ember are the same fire personality as you; you might like to get to know them!)
Priestess of the wildfire

You have every ability to dance from one challenge to the next, dear Wildfire. Spontaneity and whimsy are your thing. Creative and curious, you prefer to stay light-footed because you understand how much else is out there to explore. You do best with variety and space to breathe but happily attract company to your journey. Stronger than others sometimes think, you also understand that change and loss can cleanse the way for regeneration. Your 'windswept and interesting' beauty can turn heads when you breeze into a room at your most energetic. Focus may not be your strongest skill, but like the changeling you are you can be unstoppable if you decide on something with all your passionate heart and soul. ... (Brought to you by Fire and Sacrifice, a new novel based on the real life priestesses of the fire goddess, Vesta in ancient Rome. The priestesses Marcia and Flavia are the same fire personality as you; you might like to get to know them!)
Priestess of the volcano

World domination is on your long to-do list. You're driven by a deep, churning desire but lucky for you, constancy and focus are your superpowers giving you the ability to achieve your goals. You're the 'overnight success' who will burst to the top of your scene, after actually having worked her behind off for years to get where she is. Don't lose patience; being on top is your natural state. Okay, so maybe you lose it occasionally and relationships can be volatile but you're gorgeous when you're furious and we all know you've got a heart of molten goo. ... (Brought to you by Fire and Sacrifice, a new novel based on the real life priestesses of the fire goddess, Vesta in ancient Rome. The priestesses Licinia and Terentia, and their servant Secunda are the same fire personality as you; you might like to get to know them!
Priestess of the torch flame

An ideas girl, your bravery and positivity can effortlessly attract a team to support your initiatives. You're an effective leader because people want to follow you, mostly because you seem to be having so much fun. You may be a hugely successful entrepreneur or just the gal who's always arranging parties and bringing the cake; either way you get how to celebrate life and say yes to opportunity. You know you have a life path to follow and your clarity and positivity will help you stay on it even when things get dark and murky. ... (Brought to you by Fire and Sacrifice, a new novel based on the real life priestesses of the fire goddess, Vesta in ancient Rome. The priestess Pompeia is the same fire personality as you; you might like to get to know her!)

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Roman coin, temple of Vesta
The Temple of Vesta shown on the back of a Roman coin, 73AD. Emperor Vespasian pictured on front. British Museum.

The National Museum of Australia is launching Rome: City and Empire from September 21, where you can see Roman artefacts from the British Museum on loan to Australia!

I spent days on end in the British Museum and British Library while researching for Fire and Sacrifice, and loved every minute. To be surrounded by the history, a story in every object… Exploring, writing, coffee, exploring, writing, coffee…

If you’re in London, I implore you to go explore the Rome galleries to get up close and personal with objects that may well have been used by the priestesses and their families (Room 69, Greek and Roman Life is a favourite for cooking objects and hair ornaments!).

If you’re in Australia, take this great opportunity to see them on loan. I can’t wait to see what the exhibition includes.

Some of my favourite things in the Roman rooms of the British Museum that I can imagine the priestesses of Vesta may just have owned…

Roman blue glass perfume bottle 25-100AD.
Roman blue glass perfume bottle 25-100AD.


Roman terracotta oil jug, 120BC - 70BC.
Roman terracotta oil jug, 120BC – 70BC.

Roman gold hair pin, 1st Century.
Roman gold hair pin, 1st Century.