Fast Effective News Writing for Nonprofits

fast-effective-news-writing-for-nonprofits-280x448 webInstantly transform your content marketing and hook journalists with 5 simple templates

Fast, Effective News Writing for Nonprofits is your go-to guide for writing news for websites and newsletters, blogs, fundraising, your digital marketing strategy, and to gain media coverage whether for a global org or a shoe-string community group.


Effective writing is the big piece missing from most content-marketing efforts and guides.

Yet strong writing is a must if your stories are to engage supporters enough to take action for your cause, or to ‘sell’ your story to newspapers and attract their mass audiences.

Inside this mini writing course:

  • proven templates professional writers use
  • step-by-step how to apply them
  • guide to writing press releases that work
  • insider tips on what journalists want
  • the three steps that will simplify and improve success of any writing task before you even start
  • how to write human interest articles that tug hearts
  • simple style tips that instantly power-pack your writing
  • bonus tips on converting your articles to social media, and using images.

In a nonprofit you have loads of stories to tell that you know will touch hearts and are oh-so-shareable, if only they were noticed.

For a successful content-marketing strategy or fundraising campaign, you also need to produce content regularly if you’re going to build a following, all the while with limited budget and staff: You need to write fast, and cut down rewriting time.

In this book you will learn the structures used by journalists to write multiple news stories every day, on 2-6 hourly deadlines, and which reliably get printed or broadcast.

These structures readily translate to short news for digital marketing such as your nonprofit’s website and social media.

Learning how to write a range of news well will instantly transform your content-marketing and vastly improve your chances of journalists running your stories.

This practical, easy-to read, straight-talking book walks you through proven step-by-step systems for writing the most common news article styles, plus press releases.

This book is your practical guide to help you in your important work for this planet and all its inhabitants by helping you connect with loads more people in deeper, more effective ways.

10% of profits of this book are donated to the WWF and Panthera wildlife conservation button_BUY NOW